Electronic Instrumentation (EI), Department of Microelectronics


Padmakumar R. Rao was born in Kochi, India, in 1979. He received his Master’s degree from the Regional Engineering College (Trichy, India) in 2002, and thereafter his PhD from the  Delft University of Technology (Delft, the Netherlands) in 2009. His thesis focused on charge-transfer cmos image sensors: both in terms of device physics, as well as radiation aspects.  Later, he joined IMEC (Leuven, Belgium), as a post-doctoral researcher, investigating hybrid image sensor for outer-space applications,  as well design of commercial image sensors. Thereafter, he worked for a short while at ON Semiconductor (Mechelen, Belgium), as a pixel and process engineer. In 2013, he returned to academia as a senior researcher on the topic of detectors for deep and extreme ultraviolet applications. From 2015, he is a  full-time employee of ASML (Veldhoven, the Netherlands), as a senior researcher,  and spends part of his time (1-day per week) at TUDelft.

His research interests are:

  • Hybrid and 3D-integrated image sensors
  • Detectors for particle detection
  • Time-of-flight image sensors
  • Device & processing aspects of image sensors and other novel detectors
  • Calibration techniques

During his career, Padmakumar R. Rao has (co-authored) several papers in many peer-reviewed journals, and has contributed to several conferences.


  1. Influence of the surface oxide content of a boron capping layer on UV photodetector performance
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  2. Surface oxide content examination of capping boron layers in UV photodetectors
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  3. High efficiency UV photodiodes fabricated on p-type substrate
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    Volume 8, pp. 24-27, 2014.

  4. Backside illuminated CMOS image sensors for extreme ultraviolet applications
    P. Ramachandra Rao; C. Laubis; S. Nihtianov;
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  5. Electrical and magnetic properties of NdTiO3+delta
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    Volume 388, Issue 1, pp. 153-157, 2004. ed. is niet bekend.

  6. Study, modelling and charactirization of silicon surface, interface and bulk effects on the response of a CMOS image sensor in 0.18-micrometer technology
    P. Ramachandra Rao; A.J.P. Theuwissen;
    Technologiestichting STW, Volume STW-project 5869 , 2004. nog niet eeder opgevoerd JH.

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