Yannick Hopf receives SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Award

At the 2023 International Solid-State Circuit Conference (ISSCC), Yannick Hopf was awarded a Predoctoral Achievement Award from the IEEE Solid-State Circuit Society (SSCS). ISSCC is the leading conference for solid-state circuits and took place on 19 – 23 February. The Predoctoral Achievement Award is the highest honor the society bestows upon student members and awarded to promising graduate students based on their academic record.

In the course of his PhD, Yannick has worked on ASICs for 3D ultrasound imaging of the heart. Two prototypes have been successfully developed and evaluated for the use in intra-cardiac catheters. The work has led to innovations in several circuit blocks as well as on the system level. The final design is the first to combine high-voltage transmitters, analog front-ends, micro-beamforming, digitization, datalinks and transducers, enabling high-frame-rate 3D imaging.

Yannick works at the Smart Ultrasound group at the Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory, under supervision of Dr. Ir. Michiel Pertijs, in close collaboration with the Acoustical Wavefield Imaging group at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and the Biomedical Engineering group at Erasmus MC. Yannick's work is part of the 3D-ICE project.

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