Yannick Hopf receives Best Presenter Award at PRORISC

Yannick receives the certificate

At the 2022 PRORISC Conference, Yannick Hopf was awarded the Best Presenter Award in the category Sensing and Low Power. PRORISC, an annual conference on Integrated Circuit design, was held in Enschede on July 14 and 15.

Yannick presented his work on an ASIC for 3D ultrasound imaging of the heart. The ASIC is intended for use in an intra-cardiac catheter. The design is the first to combine high-voltage transmitters, analog front-ends, micro-beamforming, digitization and transducers, enabling high-frame-rate 3D imaging. Its pitch-matched architecture, made possible by a shared SAR/slope ADC that is 4x smaller and consumes 1.5x less power than the prior art, makes it a scalable solution for future digital imaging catheters.

Yannick works at the Ultrasound ASICs group at the Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory, under supervision of Dr. Ir. Michiel Pertijs, in close collaboration with the Acoustical Wavefield Imaging group at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and the Biomedical Engineering group at Erasmus MC. Yannick's work is part of the 3D-ICE project.