MSc thesis project proposal

[2022-23] Realization of novel 3D magnetic field sensor

Miniaturized magnetic field sensing is beneficial in several applications including navigation of implantable chips, nanosatellites, and power and motor monitoring systems for cleaner energy production. However, state of the art silicon CMOS devices are limited in 3D sensing capability due to the processing restrictions on vertical hall devices. To over come this, we will create a novel 3D magnetometer in EKL that leverages crystallographic etching of <100> Si devices, a common MEMS process, and adapt to create an electrical magnetometer that can sense all three magnetic field directions from a single device with more planar characteristics.


In this masters project, you will:

  • Simulate an inverted pyramid Hall sensor in COMSOL and select a design given constraints on fabrication
  •  Develop a fabrication process in EKL, including critical steps:
    • Crystallographic MEMS machining of Silicon
    • Spray coating lithography process on 3D structures
    • Side-wall Silicon doping
    •  Validate with materials characterization, including
    • SEM
    • Profile measurements
    • Electrical Characterization
  • Develop a 3D magnetic testing setup with Dr. Dowling & test your devices


Recommended Requirements:

  • Semiconductor physics
  • Clean room fabrication
  • Electrical benchtop testing
  • Excitement about Magnetic Sensors!


dr. Karen Dowling

Electronic Instrumentation Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2023-09-13