MSc thesis project proposal

[2022-23] IC for precision GaN magnetic sensors.

Gallium Nitride is an exciting semiconductor because of its wide bandgap – which makes it operate in harsh environments far beyond that of Silicon. It also has been recently shown to have high-performance sensitivity, stability over a large temperature range, and record-low residual offset. However, these specs were limited by the benchtop equipment used in the measurements. To prove GaN is even better, high performance processing is needed with low noise amplifiers and low-residual current spinning. These can be accomplished with modern CMOS integrated circuits.


Project Tasks

In this project, you will:

  • Design a processing circuit for current spinning and amplifying GaN Hall effect sensors, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kofi Makinwa.
  • Tapeout the circuit on a CMOS process
  • Collaborate with Stanford university on their upcoming GaN processing run (led by Dr. Seneksy)
  • Package and test chip with GaN device
  • Test temperature range of co-packaged system from extreme low to high temperatures



Recommended Background (but not all is required - you can learn in the project!)

  • CMOS circuit design
  • Experience with Cadence
  • Semiconductor physics
  • Benchtop device testing
  • Interest in magnetic sensing applications!


Recommended Reading

GaN Hall Sensors:

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Si CMOS processing of Hall Sensors:

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dr. Karen Dowling

Electronic Instrumentation Group

Department of Microelectronics

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