MSc thesis project proposal

Digital-input class D amplifier

Sponsoring company: Goodix
TU Delft contact: Qinwen Fan,
This project comes with a monthly stipend.

Digital-input class D amplifiers are getting very popular in various audio system, since it offers more robustness and flexibility compared to its analog counterparts. Prior arts have employed various topologies such as direct digital PWM topology, multi-bit DAC and etc. Each topology comes with pros and cons, and the state-of-the-art digital input class D amplifiers are still rather limited in performance parameters such as linearity, and dynamic range.  In this project, we will study and compare the different topologies, and propose an improved topology to exceed the state-of-the-art digital-input class D amplifiers.

Prior arts developed from our group are available to serve as a starting point of the project. Students can benefit from our past experience and knowledge and will be guided throughout the project. Tasks of the student will be:

  • Investigate existing digital-input class D amplifier topology
  • Propose an improved digital-input class D amplifier topology
  • Design the circuits for the chosen architecture and prove the performance in simulation.
  • If time allows, make a testchip to prove the performance on silicon.

We are looking for a self-motivated student who has great potential in analog and mix-signal circuit design.

Do you want to be part of developing a next generation digital-input class D amplifiers?
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Qinwen Fan


dr. (EI group) Qinwen Fan

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