ET4382 Power conversion techniques in CMOS technology

Topics: This course teaches you how to design class D audio amplifiers, inductive and capacitive DC-DC converters in CMOS technology.


  • Are you fascinated about how to make CMOS chips to play music?
  • Are you puzzled about how thousands of different chips can be powered by one single battery in your laptop?
  • Do you want to learn one of the most popular signal modulation scheme: PWM?
  • Do you want to design powerful CMOS circuits that can handle Amps of current and power an entire small microprocessor?
  • Do you want to learn Matlab and Simulink tools?
  • Do you want to learn circuit design skills that can directly help you to find an intern or a job during or after your MSc graduation?

If your answers to any of the above questions are Yes, please join us!


In this course:
We will teach you how to design a class D audio amplifier for mobile phones, headphones, car speakers and etc; how to design voltage regulators and buck-boost inductive converters and switched-capacitor DC-DC converters to generate whatever supply voltages you want with 90% power efficiency.

You will learn how to use Matlab/Simulink/LTspice to do your simulations and designs.

We have 2 top experts from industry: Marco Berkhout and Gerard Villar Pique who will tell you their secret circuit design recipes.

We offer intern and/or MSc thesis graduation projects which are financially funded.

Teachers Qinwen Fan

high-performance class D audio amplifiers; smart power inverters in wide bandgap semiconductors, low-power DC-DC converters for energy harvesters; low-power circuits for IoT nodes.

Last modified: 2022-06-19


Credits: 3 EC
Period: 0/0/3/0
Contact: Qinwen Fan